We have extensive experience in managing construction and renovation projects related to building ventilation, heating, automation and electrical systems. We have carried out a wide range of projects ranging from technical building alteration and renovation. In addition to our technical domain expertise and top notch customer service, our strengths lie in understanding the needs of our customers and the needs of the users in the context of renovation work.

Together with the customer, we will define the desired goals of the project. Our competent and agile project organisation ensures good results.

Dialogue and communication are at the heart of our operations

Anticipating disruptions during the project, minimising the disruption time and providing timely information are very important when carrying out construction work. We always take the users of the building and its surroundings into consideration when choosing when and how to carry out the work. An open and active dialogue with all involved parties is an essential part of the project’s success.

Why choose us?

We understand the challenges of running a project in a building which is in use. We organise the work until project’s closure, taking all the parties into consideration. Our service is designed to help you.

Expertise and experience of renovation projects

Project management that participates actively

Finding cost-effective solutions

Agile project organisation

Managing relations to public authorities and quality assurance


We can help you with your building technology construction needs.

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