Toni Sulonen

Sales and customer relations


Toni has been working in the field of energy efficiency and real estate development for over a decade, in the roles of consultant and client.
Contact information

+358 50 598 0608

Teemu Uusitalo

Projects and operations

Teemu has extensive experience in energy efficiency projects and building services contracting, as well as specialized expertise in problem solving and project management.
Contact information

+358 44 028 0212

Jukka Meriläinen

Projects and development

Jukka has been working in building services engineering for real estate for twenty years. He has a width of experience on managing projects related to building technology renovation and energy efficiency improvement.

Contact information

+358 44 244 8204

Vesa Surakka

Audits and energy calculations

Vesa has worked as an energy expert in charge of energy audits and energy efficiency projects. Vesa also has extensive experience in building automation contracting.

Contact information

+358 40 757 3403

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