Based on an on-site visit and existing data on energy consumption, we will chart out the potential for improving the energy efficiency of your property.

In the resulting audit report, you will get clear recommendations for measures to take on improving the energy efficiency of the property and financial indicators to support your investment decisions.

Reviewing the audit report together

We always go through the audit report together with the customer, so that the central findings of the audit and the potential for energy efficiency savings of the property are fully understood.


The energy audit will help you find the most suitable investment and optimisation options for your property. We are there to objectively help in choosing the best options.

As part of the audit, we will investigate if the chosen energy efficiency investment is eligible for energy subsidies.

Our energy investment calculations are based on an energy analysis of the target property. The energy analysis is based on the actual energy consumption data of the property in question, and the agreed energy prices.


Audit experience

With our experience from hundreds of projects, we will chart out the most suitable energy efficiency improvement solutions for your property. We will define the energy savings potential and the investment cost for the whole life cycle of the solution.

Most of our experience comes from industrial buildings, shopping malls, warehouses and office buildings.

Financial indicators of the investment

Comprehensive energy analysis

Objective expertise

Concrete recommendations

Eligibility for energy subsidies


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