As a separate expert service, we offer energy assessment and optimisation services tailored to your needs, auditing building technology, comparing heating methods, issuing energy certifications and representing the customer interests in various implementation projects.

Our experts are at your disposal for creating other building technology related reports and solving problem situations. We can provide you with a tailor-made package to meet your needs.

Energy certificates

Creating and updating

When updating your energy certificate, we can provide more detailed information on the energy rating effects of different energy efficiency measures and recommendations on improving the energy rating of your building.

Energy management

Towards carbon neutrality

In the energy management/benchmarking service, we analyse the energy consumption data of your properties, identify the potential for improvements and determine the most optimal energy efficiency improvement methods and the best ways to reduce emissions impacting the climate change.

Operational inspection of building technology

To solve problems

In operational inspection of building technology, we use an automated system to check how well your building’s technology and equipment is operating and review the equipment settings. In the resulting report, we present concrete actions to take to improve efficiency as well as corrective actions to improve the conditions.

From comparing the heating methods

To changing the source of heat

In comparing the heating methods, we study the possibilities of implementing changes to the source of heat, best suited to your property, and present the associated investment costs for the changes with full life-cycle cost implications.

Representing the customer interests


As a consultancy service, we can provide advocacy for your projects as well as project support at various stages of the implementation.


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